Saturday, June 6, 2009

Downtown Dog 1

8" x 8"
Oil on board
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Today I was working the Farmer's Market and it was quite successful. I met a lot of really nice people, sold a few pieces and got lots of pictures of dogs for my exciting new project, "Downtown Dog".

Since so many people bring their dogs to the farmers market, it has become quite a community and you really can't help but smile when you see them all together. I recently thought of the "Downtown Dog" project - this involves painting portraits of some of these cute canines and having a show at the end of the year - not sure where yet, but I already have an offer for a venue! Eventually I would like to do a poster (book maybe?) and have them available at the farmers market - who knows where it will all lead - the options are endless!

Here is the first downtown dog and if it's yours please contact me and let me know his/her name.

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