Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frida in Zorn Palette

Frida in Zorn Palette
10" x 8"
oil on canvas

Today in had a bit of a breakthrough. I have discovered the amazing Zorn palette! A friend of mine told me about it awhile ago and I thought it was pretty crazy that you can get a range of colors from just yellow ochre, ivory black, cadmium red & white. So tonight, I cleared off my palette and started anew. For this limited palette, I felt such a sense of freedom! Not sure why, but I think with so many colors to choose from, I was feeling anxiety and pressure to "pump up the color". And then I realized, I'm not a colorful person - If you look at my closet, it's mostly black, grays, browns and I like it that way - don't get me wrong, I love a splash of color, but very limited. 

I LOVE this palette and will be exploring this much, much more. 
I am so excited!!! Can you tell?

For those of you who are not familiar with Anders Zorn, here is some information on him:

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  1. I'd not heard of this palette - I'm excited too and will give it a go! Your dog portraits are lovely