Friday, July 25, 2014


10" x 8"
oil on canvas

Coach's story…
"I was at work one day in 2007 and during a slow period, I started looking through Paws Print magazine & found 2 blonde golden retriever pups (Pooh Bear & Sugar Bear) at the Brunswick Animal Shelter. My husband (who had never stopped by the store before) came in that day and asked what I was looking at and was I going to call about them. Once again, we weren't planning on another pup but when I called I learned that Pooh Bear was still available. We took Lucie (our other rescue) with us to meet the pup and we knew pretty quickly that it was a match made in heaven! Pooh Bear was renamed Cochise because he acts like a little chief and we call him Coach for short. He's grown from a skinny little lost pup into a 75 lb beauty and is a loving companion."

This is the second time I have painted coach…


  1. Both portraits are beautiful! You should have a booth at Westminster Kennel Club in February! Or advertise in their catalog! Love all your strokes within each portrait.

  2. Clair, You've done it again….I LOVE it!!!