Tuesday, January 10, 2017

White Koi

White Koi
oil on canvas
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This is my first painting of 2017.

I decided on Chumley because he is my most favorite subject to paint and this is his favorite thing to do - see the fish at the Arboretum. I ask him "do you want to go see the fish?" and he knows exactly what's coming. If I let him, he would stay all day and stare at the koi. When we leave he digs his feet in and pulls on the leash with his teeth to stay. I practically have to drag him out (really sad).

Any way, I'm hoping for the New Year you get to do all of your most favorite things.

Happy New Year Everybody!

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  1. Clair, I love your work and would really like to put you as a side website on my blog. I have done animal commissions, as well, but that is not usually what I paint. I have done plein air mostly lately, and lots of still life, portraits, etc. Check out my dailypaintworks.com page..... I would love to have you include me on your blog, if you like my artwork. thanks, Sandy