Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Lady

7" x 5"
oil on panel

Chumley, my dog's most favorite treat in the whole world is an apple. He absolutely goes crazy for them. I usually give him red delicious, but started to wonder about other varieties. Because we always have apples in the fridge I started enjoying them with meals, in salads and cooking with them and I realized I had only tried one and why? because there are so many types to choose from and I thought, maybe the name "red delicious" just seemed like it would be just red and really delicious, but how was I to know? Maybe there is one out there more delicious. 

So I decided to compare, went to the grocery and bought as many varieties I could find. After apologizing to the checkout girl for having to scan and weight each one, I took them home and tried three at a time. I found they all are so different and wonderful, except for Granny Smith, which is just sour and bitter, Chumley even had a tough time with that one. 

So far, I narrowed the best down to Honey Crisp, Jazz & Pink Lady (Cripps Pink). I'm still trying new ones and if I find a better one than these, I'll let you know. 

By the way, Chumley is REALLY enjoying this experiment. 


  1. LOVED hearing about your apple experiment! I'm from upstate NY...and that is apple country! Love the name Chumley and felt like I was there watching you guys enjoy your apples. And by the way, your apple painting is perfect. Love that too!!

  2. An apple a day...this is a wonderful little painting. We love apples in this household so thanks for the tips on the good ones.

  3. Lovely painting! Beautiful technique and colors ---your work is wonderful. Not to mention, I am also quite fond of Honey Crisp apples too... :)