Tuesday, March 19, 2013


8" x 10
oil on panel

I wanted to share this from the customer... this is why I paint pets... 
"It is simply beautiful...it is more than I ever imagined it would be. I started crying as soon as I saw it. You've captured Bella beautifully, her eyes display so much...and the detail, even down to the wisps of her hair. It is more than perfect...this painting will be held dear to my heart. I can't thank you enough. I also appreciate how quickly you created Bella's portrait. This painting is just wonderful!"


  1. Bella is beautiful. As was little Maggie and so many more. Your pet portraits are tiny treasures, Clair.

  2. Your paintings are amazing. It's no wonder that this made your client cry...it's soulful and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! I love everything about this painting.

  4. A painting is far more alive than a photo. And yours manage to capture that special something that's unique to each dog. That's what makes them so terrific (aside from your technical skills).

  5. this portrait of Bella is just beautiful! i just love your painting style!!