Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cat Portrait and Day Off

8" x 8"
Oil on panel
I've been working on this commission today that I received from Facebook. I have been on FB for a few months now and initially I didn't like the idea because of all the bad press that I had heard, but have found it invaluable as a tool to meet other artists and market my work. 
On another note, and you may find this interesting, in my opinion, cats are much more difficult to paint than dogs. One; their eyes are complex with pattens of colors and texture and depth. Two; their fur has (I've found) patterns more complex than a dog. Luckily their structural features vary slightly unlike a dog that can vary drastically differ depending on the breed. It's not really something that I have thought about up until now, but I find it really interesting.
Tomorrow I'm going to paint on Baldhead Island for the day while it's still warm. Looking forward to it and of course, I'll post the paintings when I get back. 
One last thing, without all of you I probably wouldn't have stuck with the project. Knowing that I have all of you as eyes for my work has been really important in keeping me focused - just wanted to let you know and to thank you.

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