Monday, September 22, 2014


10" x 8"
oil on canvas

Liam's story…
"We brought Liam home as an 8 week old pup this past May. 3 months later and 65lbs heavier he is becoming quiet the character. He's just what we all needed. After losing our 4 dogs over this past year it had left a huge hole in all our hearts not too mention an emptiness in the house that was unbearable. We were missing Lilly curled up next to us with her long naps. Chubby little Sid with his constant wagging tail. Harvey's soft curly coat talking to you with his big brown eyes and Mr Quinn. My big beautiful sensitive boy. So loyal and always right by my side. I swear he knew everything I was thinking. Losing them all so sudden was heartbreaking. 'Never again' I said. the pain is just too great. Well I lasted 2 months. The hole in my heart was too big. I was actually getting depressed. It was time for a new Best friend. We found Liam. Living with his 8 brothers and sisters just a couple of hours away. We decided to 'Just take a peek' But as soon as I held him I knew he was coming home. Liam with his crazy spots and black and pink nose. His goofy personality and always somebody's shoe hanging from his mouth is just what the Dr ordered. Literally. "

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