Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Artisan Market at the Gallery this Sunday Celebrating Craft Week!

Remember the Artisan Market that was rained out?
Well, it's rescheduled for this Sunday!
Come by see all the great artisans in the parking lot, get a hot dog at the TROLLY STOP cart, visit with the CANINES FOR SERVICE dogs and drop in the gallery to see me and the dogART - it'll be a fun day!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

PAINT MY DOG! Series #24

8" x 10"
oil on canvas

Bodhi's story:
"Bodhi is our little man in a dog suit. He came to us after our last love, and rescue, Ziggy, lost a long and hard battle with liver cancer. I knew that I wanted a healthy puppy with a long life span. I did a lot of research and found that Tibetan Terriers fit the bill. Bodhi is now 10 and owns our hearts. I can't imagine loving a dog more than I love him! He is a character and comedian and adores his cat brothers."


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


8" x 10"
oil on canvas

Lexi's story…
"Here is Lexi, returning from a day over on Masonboro Island.  This once stray/ lost puppy was found this past Valentine's Day and put in foster care.  She joined our family this past May and has warmed our hearts.  She is a Terrier Mix and sometimes a Terror, she likes to thieve anything she can get her hands on.  I think that might stem from being lost and hungry and having to hunt for food.  She loves car and boat rides, feeling the wind in her hair.  She is playful and loving.  She already had her first modeling debut in Salt magazine. She was the Model in the ad  for Uptown Market.  However she came to us, we can't imagine our family without her.  She is our Sexy Lexi!  Who apparently looks a lot like Benji!"


Monday, September 22, 2014


10" x 8"
oil on canvas

Liam's story…
"We brought Liam home as an 8 week old pup this past May. 3 months later and 65lbs heavier he is becoming quiet the character. He's just what we all needed. After losing our 4 dogs over this past year it had left a huge hole in all our hearts not too mention an emptiness in the house that was unbearable. We were missing Lilly curled up next to us with her long naps. Chubby little Sid with his constant wagging tail. Harvey's soft curly coat talking to you with his big brown eyes and Mr Quinn. My big beautiful sensitive boy. So loyal and always right by my side. I swear he knew everything I was thinking. Losing them all so sudden was heartbreaking. 'Never again' I said. the pain is just too great. Well I lasted 2 months. The hole in my heart was too big. I was actually getting depressed. It was time for a new Best friend. We found Liam. Living with his 8 brothers and sisters just a couple of hours away. We decided to 'Just take a peek' But as soon as I held him I knew he was coming home. Liam with his crazy spots and black and pink nose. His goofy personality and always somebody's shoe hanging from his mouth is just what the Dr ordered. Literally. "


Friday, September 12, 2014

PAINT MY DOG! Series #20

8" x 10"
oil on canvas

"Ethel, my sweet girl and her story... Ethel was adopted into our home from a local shelter outside of Memphis, TN. She was a mere 8 weeks old when she came home with me and her canine sister, Lucy. Yes, Lucy & Ethel! To say the least, that pair emulated their namesakes. Whatever shenanigans Lucy would get started, Ethel was most assuredly right alongside! For seven years these two were the best of friends, and the best companions for me. 

Ethel, even at nine years old, possess a childlike curiosity for the world around her. In her younger days that inquisitiveness found her in the vet's office several times. She learned the lesson after the fourth spider bite to her face. Between vertigo and vertebrae issues, I have watched this precious dog overcome each one with nary a whine or whimper.

Don't let her size fool you! Ethel may be small but inside that little body is a huge heart. She glances at you with pure compassion, which sometimes it feels greater than that I receive from humans. She has a sense of humor too! She is witty without words, it's as if she has a sense of discernment and knows when I need a laugh. 

In making two moves within the last year (Memphis to DC and DC to Chicago) she has been quite the trooper. Her ability to seamlessly acclimate to each new environment, her constant curiosity, and willingness to tag along wherever I go... She makes my life full beyond words!!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


10" x 8"
oil on canvas

Zephie's story..

"Unsuspectingly, I walked in to a neighbors garage to see a litter of English Springer Spaniels; it was a dark time in my life as my marriage had disintegrated unexpectedly and I was facing an uncertain future as a former stay at home mom with as a friend said "no marketable skills." (You gotta love friends!) A small liver and white bundle of cuteness wandered over, the neighbor commented she was the only of the litter yet to be sold, and well, I guess she needed me and I needed her. My teenaged boys donned her Ledy Zeppelin of Hillside - I shortened it to Zephie. A true velcro springer, Zephie literally saved me - hours of walking the energetic Springer was therapeutic, her unfettered joy at the very sight of me, and her enthusiastic personality buoyed the spirits of both me and my boys. My groomer, describes her as "the person at the end of the party with a lampshade on her head." To me, she is the purest joy, constant friend, love of my life - Zephie!"

Note: some paintings are completed out of order in this series - I have 2 or three in the works that aren't ready to be completed. So if you haven't seen your painting, not to worry :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


10" x 8"
oil on canvas

From a friend….

"Huckleberry belongs to my friends Elmer and Jesse. He kept me company when I was visiting them last February and was sick enough that I didn't want to leave the house while everybody was at work. Jesse and Elmer have paintings of their other pup, Dizzy, and the late great Dashiki...and I figured that I could add one of Huckleberry to their collection."

From his human: "He was a rescue dog. We got him from an organization that specializes in smaller dogs called pup. He's from a shelter in Stockton, CA."

Yayy! Shelter dogs!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


8" x 10"
oil on canvas

Shortly after Bandaid's passing, Alene wrote this for her beloved best friend…

"My Bandaid

The last night of your life was the hardest of mine. It was a slow, but natural death. I prayed all night for God to take you, to end your pain, to give you what I couldn't. I begged you to forgive me for not giving you peace days before.

I wanted so badly for you to live..Maybe it was the last lesson you were to teach me. I'm sure I'll never be the same. It has taken me two months to write this because I'm sure no words will be good enough to explain to the world what you meant to me.

You were my protection, unconditional love and loyalty. I slept at night, knowing you were watching over me. When I needed someone to love me unconditionally, you did. When life was just more than I could handle, you licked my face and made me handle it.

You always had my back. I am who I am today because you came into my life.

As I write this and try to come up with the right words, one song keeps playing in my head and has for the last two months, even the night you were dying. The Dance, by Garth Brooks. And the line, I could have missed the pain, but I would've had to miss the dance.

Bandaid, I would've spent that night a hundred times over (as hard as it was) to have the dance we shared. What an awesome dance we shared. :) I only hope you feel the same way.

That night could not have been easy for you. I pray you will forgive me for it. I tried to be with you to the end, but at times I couldn't bare to watch nature take you. I would have gladly taken your pain, even as painful as that night was, and as much as my mind dwells on it.

I remember the good nights and the good times, and my arms around your furry neck and your sweet kisses. For that, I have to thank you for the dance.. the night you died (the last hour), you and God gave me a gift (even though I hated God many times that night).

I am grateful for that last gift. It gives me hope we will meet again. My sweet Bandaid, I can't wait to see you.

RIP my sweet, sweet Bandaid. September 2000-November 25, 2011. I love you always."

Friday, September 5, 2014


Reagan Commission
10" x 8"
oil on canvas

Handmade Wilmington is having an Artisan's Market  in the Sun Gallery and Gifts parking lot to raise money for Canines for Service Sept. 14th. The gallery is filled with a lot of my dog paintings and I will be there painting if you are interested in dropping by.
Here is the information...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ivan the Terrier

Ivan the Terrier
8" x 10"
oil on canvas
framed in and antique style frame

I have wanted to paint Chumley as Napoleon ever since we found him... I guess since he's so small, but has such a large presence to me.

Unfortunately for commissions and my 25 dogs list, I've been struggling with painting ever since I got back from my vacation… painters block….  I wanted to do something not serious and fun and this is the painting that came out.