Friday, July 24, 2009

Downtown Dog 43, 44 & Clamshell Still Life

Downtown Dog 43
Oil on panel
8" x 8"
Downtown Dog 44
Oil on panel
8" x 8"
Clamshell Still Life
Oil on panel
6" x 6"
I'm slowly catching up on these. I've got a few in the works and should be sending more tomorrow.

I decided to get away from the dogs and painted my favorite Clamshell which I'm happy with the way it turned out and because of all the painting I'm doing, it was a very easy paint and took maybe an hour.

Downtown Dog 42 (Peppy Earl) unfortunately passed away this week. He was a sweet dog and will be missed greatly.

Plans to be at The Farmers Market this Saturday have fallen through - so the next Farmers Market date will be August 15th. For those of you who have purchased a portrait and were planning on picking them up I will get them to you when I get back from Florida.

Which brings me to my next point - I am leaving for Florida Sun to see my sister and family. I'll be back the following Monday, but will be posting paintings while I'm gone. I'm looking for to spending some time away and since I'm catching up on the dogs maybe I'll take some time off from painting.

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  1. hi clair!
    i found your blog and project on dog art today.

    i am so glad i did! your work is fabulous! i just love it and this project you have created. thank you so much for sharing it~

    it is so nice to meet you!