Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poncho Pieta in Progress

This is my, as Guy puts it "project painting" where I paint a little at a time on it, probably taking weeks or months to complete. Still struggling with the flesh tones and not happy with the eyes look "cold" and the face doesn't "flow". I also want a more realistic look, just not sure how to do it.  In the photo he has tattoos on both arms and I'm debating whether to put that in or not. I like the feel of them, but not sure.

Lately I've been layering color using a mixture of linseed oil and mineral spirits. I have used this method before and in some situations it works well.

I have several commissions going on, but can't post them until after Christmas, because the clients have requested they stay a secret.

I also have the Naomi painting still in progress, moving more into the background. Will post photos later.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Clair,
    I enjoy your figurative work very much. Regarding tattoos, I always leave them out. Whenever I try to put them in, they just look like blotches! Good luck whatever you decide to do.