Monday, May 10, 2010

Electronic Painting

I just got back from a vacation in Florida and decided before the trip not to take any paints because i wanted this to be a real vacation with nothing nagging at me to do. It was very peaceful, relaxing and I missed painting, which is the goal along with the peaceful relaxing stuff. 

I did bring my Ipad though and found a great app called Sketchbook Pro which is a lot like finger painting on a computer screen, well, it's not a lot like it... it is!

Here is a Modigliani painting I copied on the Ipad. It took about as long if I were to do it by hand on paper, but without the mess and i could fix mistakes with a  swipe of the screen. Technology never ceases to amaze me!
Think about it, when Modigliani did this painting, computers weren't even a dream and here I am reproducing this painting on one of the most advances pieces of technology out there and I can even answer my email about how to change colors easily with the developer, check my calendar and map out my trip back with it!

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  1. I'm amazed with what you did. A vacation without painting is difficult. Glad you were able to relax.