Thursday, June 17, 2010


10" x 8"
Oil on Panel

Gardenia season is coming to a close here in Wilmington. I try to paint at least one every year. Behind my studio, there are about 10 bushes that explode with these wonderful, fragrant flowers every year and sometimes, if we are lucky, twice in a year. 

This smell always takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen. The white bowl sitting on the white enamel table that now sits in my mother's kitchen. It would be filled with these fragrant, short-lived flowers. Her house smelled of clean linen, waxed hardwood floors, and with this unique scent, it was heaven. 

I was very close with my grandmother and spent a lot of time with her listen to her stories of when she was young, depression times, tough times. She was a great story teller and she always had my undivided attention.

1 comment:

  1. I love the smell of gardenia's. My neighbor has a bush and one year she brought me over some of the flowers when I was younger and I tried to turn them into a perfume! Scent didn't last very long.

    lovely painting.