Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Lucky" Commission

14" x 18"
oil on canvas

I have decided to start posting the letters from the clients so you can see why I paint portraits. 

From the Client...
WOW. You have captured him so well, and the background is wonderful!  I am no artist but I had a feeling it would be a difficult painting -
Again, WOW. I love it.
Thank you!


His name is "Lucky," and he has a story:
He was found in the middle of I-40 scrunched up, with trucks running over him - the wheels straddling his body. A state trooper picked him up and noticed that someone had left a box of 5 puppies next to the highway - Lucky #5 was the only survivor.
The story made the local newspaper, and the local Friends for Animals indicated they would have a contest to see who could take Lucky home. My 10 year old son was volunteering at the shelter, and for some reason they only let him pet the cats. Lucky was housed away from the other dogs, and my son would find a way to pet Lucky instead of the cats. So, when Lucky was old enough to be adopted, my son entered the contest and wrote a letter about Lucky, and WE were the "lucky" ones who took him home.
That was 7 years ago!
Thanks again!

Just letting you know slots are filling up for commissions - it's best to get in early. 
If you go to my portraits site you can get info on pricing, etc. 

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