Wednesday, March 26, 2014


12" x 19"
oil on canvas
sold to a collector in Vermont

This is Julie. She was a stray in Greece, rescued and brought to Vermont to her permanent home.
I didn't know this, but the incidents of animal cruelty and abuse have reached epidemic proportions in countries like Greece where, culturally, companion and working dogs are not regarded as they are here in The United States, Canada and most parts of Europe.
Without humane societies or animal shelters, or any kind of spay/neuter system thousands of homeless Greek dogs do their best to survive on the streets, beaches and rugged countryside. They are unwanted, unloved and considered common pests, especially during tourist season, when the international community might bear witness to Greece’s “dirty little secret.” Though technically against the law, dogs and puppies are routinely poisoned, shot, beaten, drown and hung as means of population control. Perpetrators are rarely identified and almost never prosecuted.

Luckily, Julie and lots of others were able to get out and have safe loving homes with the help of a network of people. If you want to get more information about adopting a Greek stray or helping the rescue effort, here is their Facebook Page

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