Wednesday, August 6, 2014


8" x10"
oil on canvas

I love the look of this dog.
Lately, I've been watching the series HELL ON WHEELS which is set in the old west when the railroad was being built. As I was painting her, I thought she looked like she could be one to the characters. 
She just has that look. 

Here is Zee Zee's story:
"ZeeZee is a rescue, she became my pal at 12 weeks old when I was grieving about the loss of my husband and dog within a week of each other.

My daughter and I drove to get her in Mt Airy where she had been kept at a Veterinarians Office. They did not give us any history.

They called her Zig Zag, but I thought that sounded like rolling papers…….. she became ZeeZee, which is so much easier to say.

ZeeZee has a mind of her own . Two years ago she jumped the fence and was on the run for 9 days. Thanks to many friends and fliers we found her safe and were joyfully reunited."

Part cattle dog and part terrier, ZeeZee, keeps me throwing the ball and sweeping up hair !

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