Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PAINT MY DOG! Series #33

8" x 10"
oil on canvas

"Bridgett Rowley adopted Scarlett O'Hara, a Maltese/ShihTzu mix, two years ago from a puppy mill bust in Brunswick County. Her life began in an outdoor cage where she and her littermates endured harsh sun and rain, unprotected. She lived there for six months, never once walking on grass or interacting with humans, save for sporadic feedings. 

"When I met Scarlett, you could see it in her eyes — her soul was broken. She'd been neglected and ignored and she didn't know how to act around people. With rescues like her, you have to be patient." 

And Bridgett was taking her time to get Scarlett accustomed to being petted (cuddling took a little longer — a year, to be exact — but now Bridgett reports that Scarlett is both a cuddler and bed sleeper) and introducing her to the world. Raised in a cage, Scarlett knew nothing beyond its walls: She'd never walked on grass, chased a squirrel or seen a tree. 

Scarlett still holds a few habits left over from her early days — she devours her food as quickly as possible, and at times she's shy — but her new life is a breeze. She has every toy in the world, but her favorite is an old sock (of course). She sleeps with Bridgett. She has her own wardrobe. She goes on long walks. And now there's life dancing in her little brown eyes."

Note: Please don't buy pets from puppy mills or from pet stores that use puppy mills…
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