Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Roadside Church

"Roadside Church"
16" x 12"
oil on canvas

I just spent an amazing 7 days out west in Denver, Colorado, Sante Fe & Taos, New Mexico with my mom and sister. Lots of landscapes, new energy and new ideas for paintings!

This is a Church in New Mexico I saw in some random town. I quickly snapped the photo out of the window. Just love the barbwire in contrast to the friendly white picket fence, the adobe and white windows.... just a lot of metaphors in this.


  1. Roadside Church - Is a great take on the color scheme of brown-blue. However just wondering if the composition could be stronger and more compelling by seeing how another artist might have handled this -

    In other words... somewhere in your photo file you may have an angled image of this church that would really blow the socks off the viewer. And I hope that you do ... because your color sense is flawless. Stay with it.

  2. Awesome, Clair! I'm not sure that Elizabeth is understanding the statement being made by the way that you saw this church. The "in your face", straight lines...kind of religious to me. I love that we all see things differently in our own "compositions" and in other artists. No critique from me... you know exactly what you are doing and inspire me all the time. Love the Southwest! Diane