Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pearl Earring

9" x 12"
Oil on canvas panel

I have been thinking about doing this for quite a while now. Love the original, of course and Vermeer, what a talent! And if you haven't seen the movie, I highly suggest seeing it - the whole movie is like a painting.

Here is some information on Vermeer and the original painting, if you are interested.


  1. so cute! i saw the orginal vermeer last year when i went to amsterdam. i even bough a pair of replica earings, hehe. great painting!

  2. Hi Clair:
    I love this painting! I had a good laugh when I saw it... sooooo creative. I too enjoyed the movie and have watched it about 4 times. Have you thought about doing a Mona Lisa?
    What a hoot!

  3. LOVE this piece...what a sense of humor....great!...pretty dog too.