Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Manny And Jampa & Downtown Dog 98



I'm getting ready to mail these out, so I wanted to scan them in and post the final images. I'm really proud of these two paintings. I feel as far a pet portraiture this is the direction I'm wanting to take... lot's of detail in the fur, spending more time on the paintings, etc.

I can really see the where the Downtown Dogs have brought me as far as skill and mind-set and that the 100 dogs was a long exercise to get me here. I really love working in detail and getting "lost" in the painting.

I'm taking a few of the Downtown Dog paintings that I wasn't completely happy with when they were done with and going back over them and adding more detail.

Here is one I just completed. The original was flat and "un-puppy like"
Now he looks cuddly like a puppy should.

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  1. Hi Claire:
    I passed along your blog address yesterday to some friends so that they could see your 'Pearl Earring' painting.
    I am going to pass along your blog to another friend who asked me if I knew anyone who does cat portraits and I see that you do wonderful cats... Your cat, Manny is lovely.
    I added you to my blog list.
    Kim Blair