Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Facebook Pet Painting #9

12" x 8"
oil on wood


  1. I really like all of your pet paintings but understand the titles. Are you finding these pictures on facebook? This little guy has a lot of personality.

  2. Nice animal paintings, Clair. I'm amazed how full of personality dogs are, and their incredible models!

  3. Clair, I heard about you from Don Gray. I always love to see another dogart link. Your dog portraits are a real "Awww"! I broke my arm walking the dog(?!) before Christmas, so there's been an unscheduled hiatus. But the cast is finally off, and I can again use my right hand to paint, photograph, and post. You're more than welcome to visit me and my dogs on our blog; I've added yours to the "Dog Tales" on my blogroll.