Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lincoln in Blue and Brown

8" x 10"
wood panel

This is the challenge painting for this week - to paint this portrait of Lincoln in Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber which, surprisingly, creates a nice gray.

I really like these challenges because for one, I learn something new every week and I decided this is my year of learning. Monday I am taking a three day class with an artist, Susan Hecht in Apex, NC. She has a wonderful sense of color and technique, which I would like to expand on. I took a few classes in college about 25 years ago, which got me on the path. Now that I have "some chops", I feel there is so much more I need to learn as far as color and different techniques. It's doesn't mean I want to change my style, just "round it out" a little more.

Later in the year I was lucky enough to get into a four day workshop in Boston with Duane Keiser, the guy who started this whole painting a day movement and someone I admire very much.

Oh, and back to why I like these challenges so much - Two, I love to see all the different interpretations in the paintings - it's absolutely fascinating.

You can see them here:


  1. Great job! Very nice. This weeks challenge was tough.

  2. Clair,
    Thank you for accepting my challenge. Great job! We are still loving our little plum painting.