Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loki Dog

8" x 8"
oil on canvas
Sold to a collector in North Carolina

Downtown Dog 8

If you think you've seen this painting before you have because it is number 8 in the Downtown Dog series. 

If you don't believe painting everyday makes you a better and more confident painter, here is proof. The bottom was painted with doubt and fear the top was painted with confidence and joy. Not saying the bottom wasn't with joy, but it was overshadowed with doubt because I was learning and still am, just in a better place without fear of screwing up. It's a good place.

The reason I painted this again was because the Downtown Dog 8 was sold and then the owner of the dog, found my card and ended up seeing the show downtown and wanted the painting, but because it was sold, I painted her another. It was a great experience because I can truly see how much I've grown. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this bit of insight! We know painting frequently works, but those of us still painting with fear and trepidation appreciate the encouragement.

  2. Clair, Loki looks more confident in the second painting! Thanks for sharing your experience...only wish I could get to that place someday.