Sunday, March 17, 2013


oil on canvas

This post is in honor of Maggie. 
She past away April 11 last year. 
This portrait was purchased in an All Breed Rescue auction to help give another dog a new life. 

As I painted this, I thought about all the smiles and laughter Maggie probably brought to her family and how loved she must have been. There are so many dogs out there that have the same qualities possibly sitting in some cage some where waiting for a chance. Please, the next time your thinking of a new (fur) family member, check out the rescue places in your area. There are some really great pups (and kitties) out there that are waiting for someone just like you. 


  1. I really love your dog paintings. You seem to capture their personalities as well as their likenesses. Maggie looks like she was fun to have around; what a cute face!

  2. So sweet! Another amazing dog painting!