Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Landscape Challenge #30

"Key West"
5" x 5"x 1 3/4"
oil on canvas
see it in my shop

I wanted to do a large grandiose painting and worked half the day on it yesterday. The way it turned out and they way I saw it in my head were two different versions - one, sadly looked a lot like mud.
So I decided to switch gears and do something simple.

Now that I am finished with my landscape challenge I breathe a sigh of relief and come to the conclusion that (1) although, I love a great landscape, I do not have a passion for painting landscapes and (2) I love painting dogs and I think it shows.

I do think this exercise was good because I was able to experiment with palette knife painting and I was I feel I loosened up a bit. I find that landscape painting allows much more wiggle room for interpretation than say a dog painting or still life and also, at times I would kind of slip into a kind of "stream of consciousness" painting which was quite enjoyable.

I prob won't be doing another landscape challenge, but you never know. Maybe one day, I'll become more passionate about landscapes.

I have lots of good news…
I am featured in this month's magazine SALT Magazine
You can find the whole article here:

Also Sun Gallery and Gifts with have all my dog paintings up for a show July 18th, 2014…
Hope to see you there!

Finally, I am gearing up to paint 25 dogs. If you would like to reserve a spot, send me a photo of your dog, your name and I will put you on the list. Once the list is done, I will post it and will start painting. 

There is no obligation to buy, but if you do want to purchase, I will sell them for $150 (plus shipping). 

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