Thursday, July 24, 2014


8" x 10"
oil on canvas

Alex's story…
"I adopted Alex from Crete, Greece in June 2012. He had been hung alive from an olive tree. I had visited Greece on vacation and noticed the awful way Greek stray dogs are treated. It is not uncommon for dogs to be hung, given food with poison, shot, kicked and thrown stones at. I decided after my vacation that I would look into adopting a Greek stray. I found a picture of Alex within a week of being hung. A school boy and his teacher had found him. From the pressure of the rope around his neck he lost an eye and two teeth and has a ugly scar on his neck. I talked with the woman that found him and another that was in charge of his care. As soon as he was well enough he flew from Athen's to Boston where I picked up. He sat in my lap the for the ride to VT about 5 hours. He is the sweetest dog. He is what started New England Helps Greek Strays. In a way Alex is one of the lucky ones because he made it out. Many dogs live a very bad existence in Greece in barrels. The metal is the only shade from the baking sun in the summer and the only protection form the cold in the winter. Most of these dogs do not have clean drinking water and many are left to starve tied to these barrels.
Alex enjoys laying on my bed and playing with my other dogs."

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  1. Alex is painted so beautifully. He is so lucky he found an angel to take him home !